Sunsails Shades

Sunsails are much more than shade cloth made up to size - in technical terms they are a tensile fabric structure, and as such comprise of components in different materials in different places to transfer the tension loads to the anchor points effectively.

The shade sails all feature internal perimeter cabling, producing a catenary effect which serves to spread the shade cloth fabric evenly and minimise movement in windy conditions.

The relationship between the ideal degree of fabric stretch, perimeter reinforcement length, curve deflection and anchor point position are pre-calculated and incorporated during manufacture so that the finished sail fits perfectly in position. Sunsails are the result of extensive development and trials to extract the maximum durability from the materials we use, and follow accurate manufacturing methods to produce shade sails of the highest quality.

Sunsail shade cloth and fittings
  • UV- treated knitted HDPE fabric
  • All fittings in grade 316 stainless steel
  • All seams are double lock-stitched, using matching UV resistant HDPE monofilament yarn
  • 5mm grade 316 stainless steel perimeter cabling
  • Double corner reinforcement
  • Wind rated to 100km/h gusts with suitable attachment substrate
  • Accurate manufacture from CAD pattern

The use of poles with our Sunsails Shades:

Where needed, poles can be used to provide additional attachment points to Sunsails Shades.

They can be planted in a concrete base, attached to walls or rest on a deck surface in combination with a suitable stay cable. Standard options include:
  • Steel poles, capped and hot dip galvanised inside and out. Long lasting, and can be painted to match your existing colour scheme.
  • Polished stainless steel, with a base and stainless stay cable. Slender and sleek, and matching the sail fittings. Ultimate durability, even in coastal areas.
  • Timber poles, usually pine or eucalyptus, pressure impregnated with an anti-fungal agent for long life. They can be used singly or bundled in pairs with a coir rope binding. Great in a garden setting or for a rustic look
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